CORNEC is a major player in the recycling of non-ferrous metals from communities. Its thirty employees ensure the collection and the treatment of aluminum from selective recycling and non-ferrous metals from incineration bottom ashes.

  • 1  treatment yard with 2 dedicated chains for the treatment of aluminum

  • 4000 mt of non-ferrous metals extracted from IBA  treated in 2017

  • 1500 mt of aluminum (UBC) from selective collections treated in 2017

  • 1 fleet of vehicles to ensure the removal of products

Our strengths


We are committed to transparency and traceability by issuing quarterly recycling certificates, preparing on demand quarterly or annual reports in order to help you prepare your annual elimination waste reports and client requested audits.
In addition, the recycling and valuation of your aluminum is done in France, thereby contributing to the local economy.


We guarantee a minimum purchase price for your products, whatever the rate. We buy your aluminum at the best price between the minimum prices set in the contract and the prices calculated by our purchase formulas.

The strength of a network.

For several years we have been a member of numerous organizations specializing in recycling, including FEDEREC, the Federation of Recycling Companies. We are certified to recover aluminum following the DEM – scale F framework which provides financial support by Citéo and Adelphe approved companies based on recycled tons.
We are also a member of the International Bureau of Recycling (BIR) and AMORCE, the French association of communities for recycling. You benefit from their guarantees and guidance, from a network of specialists throughout the duration of the contract.

Certifications and labels

Several years ago the CORNEC company committed to certification procedures in order to guarantee its customers the quality of its services. CORNEC obtained the following certifications:

  • ISO 14001, for its environmental management systems.
  • ISO 9001, for its quality control systems.
  • CERTIREC, certification repository of services of recycling professionals, aiming to improve the quality of recovery and treatment of scrap metal, also guarantees the environmental and overall safety standards of the recycling process.

CORNEC is also a member of several organizations that specialize in recycling and the environment.